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The Incentive Program is an employee awards program based upon employee levels of commitment and dedication to the future shared success of Meramec Industries, Incorporated.
Everyone has the authority and responsibility to streamline our business - ensuring customers receive quality products and service at our best possible price. We can achieve this through: attendance excellence, recruiting quality employees, eliminating lost-time accidents, and rewarding plant productivity, employee safety, and career longevity.
Meramec Industries
Meramec Industries was established on March 15, 1968. The company currently occupies 140,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities located in Sullivan, Missouri.
Products manufactured by Meramec Industries include footwear unit soles, and furniture parts, sporting goods parts, and other specialty items. These products are produced by self-skinning molded Polyurethane.
Polyurethane components currently make up over 75% of the company’s sales. Meramec is a leader in integral skin polyurethane technology and has developed proprietary formulas and manufacturing technologies for over 20 years.
As a result of the specialized application of our products, Meramec designs and builds its own polyurethane equipment. Meramec also develops its own specialized material formulations, which are blended on site.
In order to control the quality and consistency of its products, Meramec Industries has established a well equipped testing laboratory which is supported by our Research Director and well trained staff.
Meramec International is our global marketing group. With our network of suppliers we can find a value source for outsoles and insoles from Canada, Mexico, Europe, or the Far East to fit the needs of the American shoe factories.